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Private Mortgages

If you have applied for a mortgage in the last few years you might have wondered:

"When is my bank finally going to be satisfied with all the paperwork I’ve provided them? They keep asking for more and my closing date is only days away. I need to be sure I can book the mover, utilities, arrange for new school and so much more"

We can help with our many providers of private mortgage funds. These lenders range from Institutional lenders who deal in the Alternative markets to private individual People who specialize in giving mortgages and include:

  1. Mortgage Investment Companies "MIC"
  2. Mortgage Brokerages
  3. Individual Lenders
  4. Syndicated Mortgage Lenders

Using one of our private lenders can save you time and sometimes thousands of dollars by:

  1. Eliminating the insurer fee. CMHC charges premiums up to 3.85% that is added to your mortgage balance.
  2. Dealing in common sense.
  3. Eliminating bank bureaucracy.
  4. Reducing Conditions.